Breaking the Glass Steeple

Hello there. I am Jory Micah. Thanks for taking some time to come hang out with me online. This blog is dedicated to my top passions: life with God, Christian response to current events, marriage, empowering women, egalitarian theology and social justice.

I used to think I was a “progressive Christian” until I started hanging out with real progressives. I then realized that I am more of a conservative Christian with a progressive edge. This basically means that I get yelled at by both conservatives and progressives online.

I love the Bible and I actually believe it is true. Yes, even the stories that make no logical sense. I love all the messy people that I can relate to so easily, the simplicity of Garden, the overarching theme of redemption, and the person and deity of Jesus Christ.

See, when we cannot figure out the Bible, things seems to contradict, or historical inaccuracies seem to arise, I choose to take this simple approach. It is not the Bible that is wrong, but the way in which we are understanding the Bible. It’s tough, but sometimes we need to remove our life-long lenses, throw on some new, nerdy lenses and see things in a new light.

I used to view the Bible as a “rule book,” but I now see it as the story of how God redeemed and is redeeming humanity. Legalism makes me sad, bored and angry all at one time. But, I am a lover of truth and justice. I believe in using our voices to speak up for issues that matter to God even when no one wants to hear it.

Did I mention that I am a staunch Christian feminist? This “dirty” word scares all my conservative friends because they think of bra-burning liberals I guess; but, all this really means is that I believe females are equal to males in the sight of God in all aspects (including authority).

I truly hope I live to see Complementarian and Patriarchal theology surrender in defeat. With all the men and women joining the egalitarian army, I personally don’t believe such discrimination in the church stands a chance. Either way, I am certain I will find godly ways to fight against such non-sense for the rest of my life. Read HERE why I believe Complementarians will lose this theological battle. 

As a part of my ministry here online, I want to give a variety of Christian females (and some males too) a platform. I want to make it clear, however, that I do not necessarily agree with all of their stances on Scripture and Christian Ethics. I do respect their opinions and feel we can gain insight from those who may differ from ourselves.

I am always leery of listing personal achievements, but my mom has told me I must.  I was recently named as one of the top 10 female bloggers by the 3rd highest ranking blog in the Christian industry, “Beyond Evangelical” – the personal blog of Frank Viola. You can check it out here.


Your voice matters to me, even if it differs than mine. I see life through Christ, but you don’t have to be a Christian to hang out on my blog! My mission is to inspire women & brave guys to fight for gender equality in the church (and all aspects of life) with love, truth, & justice as our weapons!

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